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MARLEYMAN ACC K1 Rifle The Print

Army Catering Corps 'K1 Rifle;

I remember when I was a Chef out in the field I would be asked a million times what us chefs are going to do if we are attacked. Usually followed by, 'hit them with your ladle chef!' It was always very funny... So, 30 years later I have the answer, it is the ACC 'K1 Rifle'

Deadly in the correct hands and I wish I had this answer all those years ago.

This print is mostly inspired by the line 'Joker' uses in Full Metal Jacket when he answers a the general about the 'Duality of Man'.

I often felt a duality as a Chef and Soldier, especially in Northern Ireland but that duality was deeper. So, with that line in my head and my recent Camera Tripod Rifle I have finally came up with this.

This Rifle is made up of the following parts;
The nomenclature is British Army Parlance

Muzzle Flash (Peelers, Vegetable).
Barrel (Brush, Pastry).
Foresight (Whisk, Balloon, Hand).
Gas Plug (Opener, Can, Hand).
Front Stock (Pin, Rolling, Pastry, Nylon).
Working parts Cover (Knife, Chef’s, 10 inch.
Fork Chef’s. Cleaver, Butcher’s. Spoon Serving, Spoon Serving, Perforated. Slice, Food, Slotted. Ladle, Serving 1 pint. Strainer, Tea, Urn).
Stock (Bowl Hand 2L. Knife Chef’s 10 inch x 2. Bag’s Piping 12 inch).
Magazine (Burner, No1, Field).
Trigger Guard (Masher, Potato).
Trigger (Opener, Bottle, Corkscrew).
Safety Catch (Opener, Can, Table).
Pistol Grip (Grater, Cheese, Hand. Board, Pastry, Rolling).
Rifle Sling (Belt, Staple, ACC).

The image is a representation of the British Army issue FAL L1A1 SLR in service from 1954-1994