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MARLEYMAN The Final Cut? The Painting

If you know what is going on here without me telling you then you need to think about therapy...

If you don't know, then I wanted to create a message about self harming, an important but not obvious message as self harm is often hidden…

 I created a vellum on the canvas upon which to write my message, all important documents were written on vellum, in fact, British Acts of Parliament are still printed on vellum for archival purposes. Being made from animal skin seemed a significant point too.

I then choose a message, 'Please Don't Cut' and created a pastel concept design. The message was weak so I thought again. I also wanted the message to be obscure so I drew upon the Stiff little Fingers Album cover 'Nobody's Heroes' to create a font. It has a bar code on the front or so it seems. Barcodes contain important information about products that are only visible IF you have the correct tool.
Equally, there is a message there (on the canvas) if you look closely. I set about making the font using my PC and created another concept using the new font and the new message inside Photoshop.

So, important message in an obscured font and seemingly written upon vellum, in blood. That is the story behind this painting.
The message on the parchment is 'The Final Cut', look closely and you will see it. Then look closely at people around you, are they nearing their final cut? Reach out and talk, sit down and listen!